AC Security Inc.

About Us


Our Mission and Values

Our mission is defined by who we are, it affirms our purpose as a company and guides our decision-making practices:

The mission of AC Security is to empower our employees to make a difference not only in the lives of our clients, but those they come in contact with and guarantee them the freedom to operate daily at the best of their ability without difficulty or concern through the highest quality customer service.


Guiding Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Morality
  • Dedication
  • Teamwork



Safety and Security for all. 


Company Overview

Additional Information

AC Security Inc. began in 2017 as a hospitality and events security and management company with only a couple of local accounts and some small events throughout our home City of Winnipeg, Manitoba. As with any great company word soon travelled to other hospitality business owners on a reputation built behind our customer service standards and soon the couple of accounts began to grow. Through our loyal clients we have begun to expand significantly and will soon be expanding into the corporate market sector. Built on a high demand for qualified well-trained customer service guards AC Security Inc. is built to be a dominant force within the marketplace, because when we do our jobs to the best of our ability, you are able to do yours even greater. 

AC Security Inc. is fully licensed, insured and bonded. 

As with many industries we believe it is best to work directly with our clients, we believe that removing the middle man and hiring direct allows our clients to meet their needs while remaining competitive on the pricing market. We believe that having a personal connection with our clients is part of our combined success and leads to joint growth. 

We believe that success comes from preparation and always being prepared means constant training. Our staff are fully licensed and trained to above regulatory standards, which we achieve through constant physical and mental training to ensure our guards are always kept ahead of the industry. AC Security Inc. training is not only the required minimum for provincial guidelines we take our staff to a higher level by including providing our own Interpersonal Communications and Customer Service Skills Training Workshop for Security Guards course.  We believe in and constantly maintain our commitment to the security industry and continue to grow within the security field.

AC Security Inc. management staff and team leaders are dedicated to providing the best possible service.  Firstly, through our belief in a hands-on approach, which means constant on site reviews to ensure that our service policies are always being maintained and exceeded.  We believe that our constant dedication to exceptional customer service is our number one priority and sets us apart from all others in our field. 

Executive Profiles

Arnie Calixto

Arnie started his career as a security officer in 2004 and has held many roles within the security industry including running the largest nightclub security team within Winnipeg for 4+ years. After taking a hiatus to pursue personal interests it is his calling to continually improve those around him that has brought him back into the security industry. As one of Winnipeg’s top security personal he is continually sought after for his extensive knowledge and expertise. It is his ability to view crowds with a keen eye that gives AC Security the step above all competitors and makes AC Security what they are. 

Nathan Alexander 

Nathan began working in the Customer Service and Hospitality industry in 2009; throughout his time within the industry he has held many roles from Restaurant Manager to Customer Service Specialist. Nathan understands that the security industry has a need for stern compassion and empathetic toughness that he continues to strive for within AC Security. Nathan brings a vast knowledge of the service industry and business development that he is able to leverage in the day-to-day operations of AC Security.  His impeccable work ethic and creative managing skills are what makes his team continually strive to position AC Security to be a leader in the security industry within Winnipeg and its surrounding areas.

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We do believe you will find AC Security Inc. your clear choice to award such an important contract to, based upon the following factors that will differentiate our capabilities from our competitors.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Relevant Experience:

AC Security has provided quality security services for regular site patrolling, night patrol, and parking patrol.  We successfully oversee a number of high traffic venues including various lounges, as well as multiple major events throughout the city of Winnipeg. 

Unique Project-Based Approach:

AC Security plans to, with our clients, put together a team, which is exclusive to our client’s specific and immediate needs.  We believe in a detailed approach to serving our clients that puts customer service as the entire basis for our success. We continue to take the time to work along side our clients and ensure they are paired with the proper guards to execute the specific client needs.  We continually conduct weekly reviews of our guards to ensure the client’s standards and our companies’ standards are not only met but also exceeded

Locally Owned

AC Security prides itself as being a Manitoba based company with its head office based in Winnipeg.  Being locally owned and managed our clients can rest assured that all their concerns will be dealt with by one of our managers and or owners who are easily accessible.  Being locally owned also means that we help contribute to our local economy and all company profits stay within the province of Manitoba.

Proven Track Record

AC Security has the infrastructure, training and management expertise that will allow your business to succeed.  Although AC Security is a young company, we have continued to assist our growing client base while adapting to every need they continue to bring forward. 

Training and Selection

The thorough selection and training of our personnel has been a critical component of our success over the years.  At AC Security we believe that we are only as strong as our weakest guard.  Because of this belief we ensure our premium guards go through our rigorous training programs.  AC Security training includes such courses as Manitoba Security Guard Training Program, basic self-defense, cultural awareness, customer service and sales skills training.