AC Security Inc.

AC Security offers a wide range of security services currently only in within Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. AC Security recognizes that every situation poses a variety of challenges and continuously requires an adaptive approach to achieve the greatest level of continuous success. Every client receives an industry expert account manager who is there to assist you for all your security needs. Whether you need short or long term security, AC Security Guards offer the highest level of customer satisfaction because your clients are our clients.

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Security Services Available

Event Safety and Security Guard Services


AC Security provides Security Guards that are ambassadors of high quality customer service at indoor and outdoor concerts, festivals, sporting games and corporate parties. AC Security guards ensure event premises are fully controlled and effectively monitored. Following strict guidelines our highly trained and versatile event security staff are poised to respond to and diffuse all levels of emergencies without interfering with the event.

Corporate, Commercial and Office Complex Security


AC Security Guards oversee the protection of business or company assets   and properties. Ensuring proper security and safety measurements are   continually in place while acting as a liaison between corporate staff and the   general public. Available for 24 hour supervising of premises through on site   patrols and security monitoring our AC Security guards are trained to tackle   all types of internal and external dangers. 

Restaurant and Hospitality Industry Security


Poised as experts of customer service AC Security guards are constantly   working to ensure your guests’ safety is the highest concern.  First   impressions count, and with AC Security this begins at the front door, our   door supervisors create the right type of atmosphere through warm and   friendly demeanor which reduces conflict while maintaining an authoritative   tone. AC Security guards will enhance your venues reputation and improve   your brand with your clientele.

Shopping Mall, Retail and Loss Prevention


The biggest challenge of retail businesses come with the theft and loss of revenue through product that becomes unaccounted for.  These products are suspected to be continuously stolen by customers and AC Security understands this can be deterred through the implementation of visual deterrents such as patrolling security guards.

Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services


Some individuals require more concentrated and specific security services due to their high profile status, employment or associations. AC Security provides elite trained security guard staff that specialize in personal protection for such individuals.

University Campus and School Security

High School Security Guard, University Security Guard Service, Impact Security, Guarda, Winnipeg MB

Educational Institutions are meant to provide a safe and secure gathering place for students, teachers and the public. AC Security offers quality security services for the educational sector. Our staff are specifically trained to identify potential threats early to ensure unwanted trespassers are recognized and dealt with directly and professionally.